Mesh high heels “Maloa”

Hi ladies,

Mesh shoes “Maloa” for feet High Slink

Texture Material
Rigged (can’t be resize, or move on avatar)


7 versions is available: Basic, Lace, Dots, Tartan, Leopard, Fabric and Leather.
All are material textures

With HUD (4 faces): Basic have 13 colors and others 8
– Shoe: 8 or 13 colors
– Platform: 11 or 15 textures
– Insole: 13 colors
– Sole: 13 colors
– Outsole: 13 colors
– Heel Lift: 13 colors
– Strap: 10 or 14 choices
(9 or 13 textures + Alpha)

I crate this HUD for adapt at your outfits! The only limit is your imagination.. 😉
Custom as you want with HUD… Choose the color separately of each part of shoe

See now on Marketplace or TP to Mainstore


For people wants many version… You can use all HUDs on same shoe… For example, put the platform with texture V#1 Basic and shoe and strap with texture V#3 Dots.


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